Fermented Brussels sprouts

shallow depth of fields photography of green vegetable on brown wooden panel

A few months ago, after reading that absolutely everything can be fermented, I thought to myself:

what if I made sauerkraut with Brussels sprouts instead of white and red cabbage?

It was the perfect season, and I live in Brussels, so it seemed like a must!

When I discovered the result, it was surprisingly good! In fact, it tasted just like regular sauerkraut (traditional fermented cabbage), with a tiny hint of bitterness. I was expecting it to taste “too much” like Brussels sprouts, but it didn’t!

Every time I open one of my jars and it fizzes, I’m thankful for having given life. This may sound like an overly spiritual statement, but fermentation is about dealing with living things. It’s putting energy into little jars and being ready to be surprised by their reaction. When it fizzes, it means that there has been a lot of life and activity inside that little jar during its two weeks of fermentation. I love it.


If you want to start fermenting: don’t wait any longer! If you follow 4 important rules, your little jars will fill you with love!

  1. Use filtered water. Tap water contains many chemicals that will hinder the process.
  2. Make a 3% sea salt brine. It is possible to use less salt with some vegetables, but the less salt you use, the more likely it is that fermentation will not occur. So you might open your jar and find mold. To be safe, I almost always use a 3% brine.
    Do not use table salt as it is highly processed. Find the least refined products possible – salt should be grey, not white.
  3. Make sure everything you plan to eat is submerged under the brine. To do this, can use glass or ceramic fermentation weights, large leaves,… but avoid plastic!
  4. Do not overfill your jar. Leave 4-5 cm from the top of the jar, as the contents will expand! If it doesn’t have enough room, the jar will start leaking and in extreme cases, explode!

Wishing you all the healing and positivity you deserve 💚