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Free information session
Free 15-min video call on zoom, to answer your questions.
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I offer in-person 🙋🏻‍♀️ and virtual 👩‍💻 meetings.
📍My offices are in Ixelles (Brussels) and Profondeville (Namur)
Virtual meetings are held on zoom. Whenever feasible, I offer at-home coaching, especially to help those who feel lost in the kitchen. 🔪 🍳

It will be my pleasure to help you with multiple things:
➡️ GAPS food and how to prepare it
➡️ Education and information on the GAPS protocol, what it is, and how Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride envisions global health
➡️ Organisational skills to plan the protocol and improve your chances of sticking to it
➡️ Mealtime management for children who are fussy eaters
➡️ Lifestyle changes to reduce toxicity in your home
➡️ Enemas

PACKAGE DISCOUNT 500€ for 10 sessions + Gut Positivity ebook
For clients who are ready to commit for a longer period of time, I offer a package discount.

For 500€, you will get:

➡️ 10 weekly consultations with me (which usually costs around 600€ and 700€ when paying per hour).
➡️ my ebook containing a lot of precious information and hands-on advice